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Our Mission

Unifying the best end-of-life providers to help families easily find the support they need

Who We Work With

The most trusted community in end-of-life care

No family should ever have to get into debt or feel shamed when choosing what's best for honoring the life of their loved one.

Our Story

Headquartered in Austin, Texas. Pale Hearse, LLC is women-owned and operated. Built by a death care industry professional with over 10+ years of hands-on experience, aiming to find new ways to support local communities and ensure that loved ones and their families are cared for with the respect and dignity they deserve.

Our Team

Alex Casas

Founder, Consultant, End-of-Life Doula, Educator

With 12 years of diverse experience in the end-of-life and funeral industry. Alex began her career as a mortuary restoration specialist, working in high-volume care centers, medical examiner offices, and funeral homes of various denominations. 

She founded Pale Hearse in early 2020 and was the leading force behind Cool Cubes Mobile Morgues used throughout Central Texas during the height of the pandemic.

Alex is also a certified End-of-Life Doula, a Home Funeral and Natural Burial Educator and Guide, an Instructor and Spanish Director with The International Doula Life Movement, and an active volunteer of the Funeral Consumer Alliance of Central Texas.

Cool Cubes

We saw the problems and wanted to be part of the solution. Cool Cubes is a mobile morgue service that can be transported to any location. They are outfitted in standard ISO shipping containers with integrated technologies to care for deceased loved ones during disaster and emergency response situations.