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By modernizing our practices and making processes more efficient we’ve found viable solutions for our industry’s biggest challenges. We give companies time back, help them avoid unnecessary efforts, and provide them with the tools they need to refocus on what really matters most, quality of service. We’ve been able to build a caring community             that does big things and we are here to help you do the same.

Why join the Pale Hearse Community?

People research everything before buying, they compare options, prices, and convenience. They look for reliable sources, recommendations, and trusted brands. Our platform simplifies these steps for families and creates symbiotic convenience for them and you, the provider.

By opening your shop, you are making it easier for families to find and learn more about you. Increasing your visibility, expanding your reach, and gaining better brand recognition at an affordable cost with minimal effort and time required. 

Open the door to more opportunities and join a community of deathcare professionals committed to supporting families with complete end-of-life care. We’re 100% independent and built with intentions to help more end-of-life makers, trailblazers and visionaries make a living doing what they love. Together we help one another grow through referrals, education, trend reports, and creative feedback – because as one succeeds, we all succeed.


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Find your people, connect with new families, and start growing your business! Supporting families just got easier.